Black Lion
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we reign the lanes

Slap-bang in the middle of the Lanes, the Black Lion transforms daily from bustling foodie pub, to one of Brighton’s busiest late-night venues. With great blues and funk bands playing early in the week, to the city’s finest DJs spinning vinyl selections at the weekend, and a large heated and covered beer garden - this is a pub that covers all the bases. We aim to be the best in town at everything we do…and we do quite a lot!

Music plays a huge part in making the Black Lion what it is. Our DJs have a pretty simple brief: “keep ‘em smiling, make ‘em dance. Walk the fine line between accessible, edgy and educational. Don’t be a dick.” (see, pretty simple). You’ll hear new Old School Hip Hop, Northern Soul, Motown, Funk, Rock & Roll, Ska, Mod Revival, Indie & Punk - often on the same night.

It’s a mixed bag, but so is Brighton and good people like good music of all genres. That’s why, every Friday and Saturday at 3am there are lots of nice people shouting for one more tune.